The things kids say!!

1. So this morning while we were all in the hustle and bustle of getting ready for school and work I had this conversation:

Me: ” Hey honey don’t forget tonight it’s me, you and a bowl of popcorn!”

Hubster: “Ok”

Veronica: “mommy what are you and daddy going to do?”

Me: “watch a movie because”

Veronica: “Good because I don’t any more sisters!”

There was nothing I could do but laugh and when I was done I asked her if she knew that I was going to have post it. 🙂

#2 Danielle and Jillian in the bathtub and Danielle leans over kisses Jillian and says “You know I’ll always love you”

#3 Ok I know if you have facebook you are reading a ton of Day #4 I’m thankful for…well I decided that I didn’t need to share with facebook what I’m thankful for,I wanted to share with my kids. So every night at the dinner table we share. EVERYONE shares and it’s amazing! Jillian is always thankful Jesus’ house, Danielle seems to be thankful for everyone around her a lot, and mommy and daddy and Veronica are the serious thankful ones. It has been an amazing thing for our family and I’m so glad we are doing it!


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