An update on my kids! Otherwise known as a very boring blog post!

Well it’s been awhile since I just talked to you guys about my kids so brace yourself because it’s going down now!

Veronica- Well she is off her meds, but she’s doing ok. She is using her coping skills and life seems to be a lot better. She said she didn’t like the way the pills shut her brain down and she didn’t feel like she was thinking like her normal self and I can totally understand. She still has some break downs here and there, right now we are dealing with a bullying issue at school. She sang a solo in the choir at church last week and got TONS of compliments. She made it onto the UIL Music Memory team and just signed up to run/walk her first 5K. Yes she is busy and very active, but she is loving it. I know that she will continue to have to deal with anxiety but I am grateful for the coping skills she now has. I am grateful for the school staff that know about her “condition” and work with me to make sure she feels safe.

Danielle- Well I’m in a whole new worry about Danielle. She did the placement testing and tomorrow at 12:30 is her big meeting! We are going to decide if she is ready for 1st grade or needs to complete the year in kindergarten. She has been getting a few marks on her behavior (mainly not listening to instructions) and she complains that everyone treats her like a baby. They do something called SAR (reading lessons) there are 160 in Kindergarten, she has completed 130 of them already! I’m told that after that she will go straight to the First grade book.

The only thing holding me back with Danielle is that I worry I’m setting her up to have to deal with the same anxiety problems that Veronica deals with. I’m worried that this is just going to make her a nervous wreck. I’m worried that she won’t be her same smiley, bouncy, self. The hubster tells me that since she is raised in the same house with the same people as her big sister if she’s going to have anxiety we can’t stop it.

Like most moms I just want to make the best decisions for my daughters and it’s really hard.

Jillian- Ummm let’s see about the only thing to report on her is that she must have gotten a concentrated dose of the stubborn DNA!!! She is 2 and loves acting like it!

Us- Everyone in the world should take the Dave Ramsey class. Sure you can hear it from your parents and your family, but he puts it in a way that doesn’t sound like a lecture. He puts it in words that are easy to understand. Our church is looking at offering a Dave Ramsey for teens class and if my kids were older I wouldn’t even hesitate. We are making better decisions and I can finally see that Disney World vacation happening at some point instead of thinking that if I could only win the Lottery (even though I never play).

So there you have it! Yes we are a busy family and sometimes we leave the house at 6:30 in the morning and don’t see it again until 8:30 at night…but we are loving every minute of it. We are becoming closer to God and closer to each other. We are making new friends that I could see quickly becoming like family and we are learning about ourselves.

Deep thoughts by the fire!
Deep thoughts by the fire!


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