Sunday Shorts

1. I swear the first hint of cooler weather and the hubster is busting out the Malt-O- Meal for breakfast!!

2. This weekend we had our Second annual pumpkin patch day! We went to the pumpkin patch, we ate at the same restaurant as last year and then we came home and carved pumpkins.

Cat Woman!
Cat Woman!

3. When I called my mom to see where she was I told her that she needed to stop at the store before she came over and get stuff for dessert. See I remember very vividly one day in October coming home from school and being greeted by this jello dessert. I have wanted to make it for years but I just never got around to it. Well I wasn’t going to let another chance pass me up! So she made it for my kids.

Jello + bugs + cool whip = awesome!
Jello + bugs + cool whip = awesome!

4. I’m very excited about next weekend. I’m not really sure how it’s going to work, but I do know that the girls and I are going out of town with my mom and we are missing school on friday. So really what could go wrong? 🙂

5. When hubster and I were up at the church on Wednesday someone (I still don’t know who she is) asked me if I played in the band…ummm yep! Then asked if I could read music. Next thing I know I’m on the stage working one of these!!

I didn't have a clue how to  ring that handbell! :)
I didn’t have a clue how to ring that handbell! 🙂

6. Well it’s really late and tomorrow looks to be just as busy and awesome as today! Veronica has a solo in the church! So I’m gonna cut these shorts extra short and see you guys later. 🙂

Have a great week and I hope your weather is as awesome as mine is.


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