Sunday Shorts

Wow this week has been awesome! I went to work Wednesday with a 15 item to-do list, I left work wednesday with a 3 item to-do list and just one of those items being “make a new to do list” 🙂

1. Friday was an emotional day. Remember how I’ve talked a lot about the uncertainty of Danielle first year in Public School Kindergarten? Well thursday she came home saying she had been in a 1st grade teachers class for part of the day, and then Friday she brought home a letter asking for our permission to test her out of Kindergarten. My thought was that this might really happen!! It would mean when high school came around I would have a senior and a freshman at the same time. Then to make me cry even more Danielle had her first run out of the helmet at the football game!! It’s the one that the players run out of. She has been waiting to do that for YEARS!!

2. Fall is coming!! It might have only cooled down to 90, but that’s better then 110!!

3. We are relaxing and just doing laundry this weekend. I told the family this was our last “do nothing” weekend until after Christmas.

4. My new motto at school is “Just say No”. I tend to say yes way too often so this year I’m saying no. I’m not adding anymore stuff. I’m too involved. A wise old man (testing if he still reads this) once told me “if you make yourself irreplaceable you will never move up in life”.

5. Thursday night after my mom leaves my house I get this series of text messages:

Mom: So your mom goes to HEB admires all the pumpkins stacked in a pretty pyramid and thinks, I should get my girls one. That’s a pretty one at the bottom.

Me: Pumpkins everywhere?

Mom: Yep!! People were running

Me: You buy the pumpkin

Mom: Yep I had no choice.

I think I’m going to have a pumpkin carving party to honor this pumpkin…or at least give me an excuse to have a party!!

6. My students this year are awesome! funny and smart! They have already figured out that I sort my skittles and hate odd numbers, but one of them caught on really fast and said “If you hate odd numbers why do you only have 3 girls??”. They make me smile every day!!

7. Really Amazon??!!? Really!! Kinda funny, no doubt about it, it’s a new twist on pumpkin carving!!

8. (Hubster Guest Starring for number 8) So as we are getting ready for bed Saturday night, my wife says “Honey, go make my sunday shorts even!”……. All the things that run through my head at this request… And none of them appropriate for this blog post. SO i will just say Friday Night was the League of Legends World Finals. I am very excited to get to stop and watch it finally! For those curious I recommend sitting down and watching game or two… you would be shocked how much like professional sports it is.


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