Funday Friday!

Ok so every Wednesday night we go to the church for dinner. They make a yummy dinner and it’s cheap. To help Jillian understand where we are going I call Church Jesus’ house. She goes back and forth calling it both.

When I picked her up from school this wednesday it was Jesus’ house, Jesus’ house from her as soon as we got into the car. So I told her yep we are going to Jesus’ house, He made us dinner! She kept talking about how Jesus made us dinner, and then something hit her, she said “Mommy did Jesus make cake?”

When we got to the Fellowship hall and made our plates, she pointed to the cake and said “Jesus cake”.

I just told her that yes Jesus opened his house to us, gave us food, and even added cake.

Yes ok I see where that could be wrong, but she’s two and she understand church.


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