Life with a science teacher

Trust me I know that sometimes it’s no fun being my child, but I can’t help it. The reason kids have trouble is because no one talks to them no one exposes them to things that they need to know….ok so here is my funny story.

**Cue fuzzy screen**

We spend 2 nights a week at the church and we get out after dark (especially the last few days), so Jillian has noticed the moon and points up to it and says moon (proud momma moment). I tell her that yes it is the moon, and that it can be her moon because if she wants it she can have it. Then I tell her she can work for NASA and study it and fly near it and on and on and on. So know the 2 year old things the moon is hers…AWESOME!!

So tonight we were coming out of the church and she was looking up for her moon and she couldn’t find it. She looked at me with a sad face and said “Momma, where’s the moon?” Before I could answer Danielle said, “it’s not gone it’s just in a different phase”.

OMG Interwebz!!! Proud does not even begin to explain it!


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