Meaningful Monday

On Sunday my mom wanted to take us all to lunch before Jillian’s birthday party. It was at one of my favorite places that is a little ways out of town but was near the party so I didn’t mind. Well while at the lunch table she asked a thought provoking question…”If you had to have a symbol to represent you what would it be?”


Veronica- she answered first and said it would be a dolphin because scientists know that dolphins talk in their own language but they don’t understand. She said that she has her own way of talking an no one understands her. She also came back later and said she would also like her symbol to be the giant squid because it’s such a mystery to everyone and she feels she is that way too.

Danielle- Well Danielle’s answer was a rose and a pink one because they are pretty and pink is her favorite color. I said that flower would be a wonderful choice but I would give her a sunflower because she’s always so bright and cheerful. Just that morning the hubster and I had laughed at Danielle as she ran behind the choir loft with her little head bobbing chasing down her friend so she could hug her. Danielle is just always a ray of sunshine.

Jillian- well all she was worried about was having mashed potatoes and getting as close as possible to her Matka. I would make her symbol a butterfly because she never stays in the same spot for very long and being my red headed child her skin is very fair and delicate.

Hubster- He kinda backed out not knowing what his symbol would be…but I didn’t get away that easy. After all the day’s adventures my mom texted me and reminded me that I didn’t answer.

So here goes…..

I would make my symbol a tree. It is a life giver, a home, shelter, strong, no one really notices that it’s there it just is, it can be hidden in a forest among millions of tress and not stand out or it can be the only shade in a huge hot field.

covered in snow, but still a beautiful tree.
covered in snow, but still a beautiful tree.

Veronica’s really struck me. As a mom I think my kids are perfect and wonderful, but maybe they are alittle weird too (with hubster and I as parents it has to be expected). I feel like my children aren’t accepted in my family or in hubsters. It seems like extended family doesn’t want to be around them, doesn’t want to spend time with them. They don’t get the attention that the “cousins” get, they don’t get invited to the other parties. They are left as loners. I’m choosing to believe it’s because most people can’t handle the awesomeness that is my kids!

Wow didn’t really mean to go there, sorry about that. Just somethings I have been noticing lately but in true spirit of the blog I won’t erase it. My kids are fine and well adjusted, honestly they don’t even notice…it’s a mom that sometimes has a bad habit of keeping score. Don’t worry Jesus and I are working on that. 🙂


One thought on “Meaningful Monday

  1. Honestly, none of us fall into anyone’s definition of “normal” it’s just a fact of life. Think about these few things …
    I’m former military, dealing with my sense of awareness that I finally have a name for, placed around all of you college graduates and teachers where I don’t fit in at all. I was raised with Victorian era virtues that got partially eradicated between 17 and 37. I keep to myself and try not to cause anyone problems.
    Your “Hubster” comes off as an overgrown kid with a better awareness than I have (I didn’t have a Father who trained me to use it), who’s brilliant in the fields he enjoys. He’s not afraid to tell people to pack sand when they don’t like how he fits into their supposed scheme of things.
    My wife, love her as much as I do, is an emotional and highly empathetic person who worries about hurting anyone’s feelings while costing her own. She’s driven, dedicated, and steadfast with a head full of dreams.
    The eldest of yours is highly intelligent, imaginative, and creative, but so unsure of herself. She’s where I was before the military, a dilettante who’s going to bounce from interest to interest before she gets her feet under her and can structure her life to her liking.
    Your middle is also intelligent and imaginative, but like my wife, she’s got an empathy for everyone else around her. If they feel bad, so does she and she wants to fix it so everyone’s happy.
    Your youngest, if the first two are anything to go by, is going to be just as intelligent and imaginative. But unlike the other two, she’s not going to put herself where she wants to be in life. She’s going to put life the way she wants it to be.

    That being said, we’re all outcasts and loners. People don’t understand us and they never will. You have three wonderful children and sometimes I’m really jealous of you for them, but maybe it’s better the way it is because I doubt I have the fortitude to raise one child.

    I’ll tell you this, that’s going to be okay. Because there’s only two people that have to be happy with us … Ourselves and God.

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