Sunday Shorts

It’s raining…I am loving all the rain we have been getting. Here are your relaxing in a clean house on a saturday, rainy sunday shorts.

1. This week has been pretty crazy! Hell every week has been crazy, between praise band practice, bible study, piano lessons, this week we had a sick baby thrown into the mix! On Wednesday while I was at a meeting I got a call from the daycare that my baby had a 101.4 fever. So I called my sub and asked if she could stay for the rest of the day and took Jilly home to have some medicine and a nap. Knowing that the day care wouldn’t take her back the next day, hubster took off and took her to the doctor. Poor baby had 2 ear infections! Luckily now with some meds she is happy as ever.

2. I got an amazing chocolate bar from my technology department!!

I wouldn't advise eating it might break your teeth, because it's actually an ipad mini!
I wouldn’t advise eating it though…you might break your teeth, because it’s actually an ipad mini!

3. Hubster and I are loving the Financial Peace class we are in on wednesday nights. We are learning a lot and not feeling so alone.

4. Baby fever is hitting! It always does when I have one about 2 who is no where near a baby anymore. Veronica asked me the other day why I didn’t just have another. I’m so glad my iud keeps me from being crazy. Plus I know that my doctor wouldn’t take it out if I just asked her, she knows pregnancies aren’t good for me. I guess I need to make that doctor’s appointment to get hubster fixed. That’s just so…soo..Final.

5. A few days ago something magical happened. Hubster was having a really really bad day at work and he came outside to see me while I was at recess (have I mentioned I love working next to him), he said he was 5 mins away from turning in his badge and keys. You guys I wasn’t worried! I wasn’t scared! I didn’t beg him not to, I didn’t say ummm you can’t. Instead I said, well if you have to I know we will be ok. That is monumental for me. I can thank the methodist church for that one. Things are now better and he isn’t about to turn in those keys, but I know we will be taken care of no matter what happens.

6. My poor little sassy cat. Jillian and Danielle have discovered they can open their bedroom window and she will “jump” out. So they keep catching her and watching her “jump” out the window, then they run outside catch her again. Poor little kitty.

7. We brought home progress reports this week. Grades were great….Danielle missed a few points based on behavior. We’ll see what happens when we meet with her teacher in a few days.

8. So I’m sitting here next to the hubster and I said “what’s one more thing that happened this week?” It looked at me and asked “what are you talking about” I said “Sunday Shorts” and he said “are you stuck on an odd number?” Yep!! 🙂

So there you guys go. I’m sure there’s more to say but it’s best that I stop now because we are even! I hope you have an awesome week! Tonight Veronica is going to spend the night and morning with my mom and tomorrow we are going to meet up for Jillian’s 2nd birthday party.


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