Please ground me from TV for the rest of my life so I have more time to read said no kid every, except mine!

The hubster and I are avid readers. When we find a book we like we read it and we tell all of our friends to read it and every time we finish a good book we talk about how we can’t wait to share it with our kids. I think when Veronica finally learned to read we were more excited about getting to start her on “our list” then the fact that she could actually read.

We tried to start out slow,we didn’t want to pressure her or force her to like books, we at least knew that much. After she met all of her AR goals in First grade we decided to buy her a nook, figuring that if she had any book she wanted at any time she would read. Well…..she didn’t.

As Veronica grew up she showed that she loved math more then reading. She would rather do Algebra 2 then read a book…crazy I know. Well we did have 2 more daughters so surly we would get a bookworm out of one of them!

Then something happened this summer. The hubster decided to bribe Veronica! Hey don’t judge, if your kids are in public school they are bribed every day (I know, I do it!). She has been wanting money so he thought we would pay her to read! OK it wasn’t that was actually kinda magical.

AR is a program most schools use to assign points to books and then kids have goals and get points and read more and score higher on test and so forth. Well the hubster decided that he would give Veronica 50 cents for every AR point she earned. The rule was that she had to take and pass the test and if she wanted to could ask other family members to pay her also but she couldn’t make more then 1.00 a point. It was a win for the school, a win for Veronica and a win for the parents!

So we put a book in her hand and prayed. She read it! She loved it! She couldn’t put it down! Then she took an AR test and met her goal in one try! Then she got her money! Then she realized the more books she reads the more money she makes, the more money she makes the closer she gets to having her own tv in her own room!

The Book Bounty was born!!


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