Happy Monday!

You know the story….everyone hates mondays! Garfield started it back in my childhood and has passed a torch to a grumpy cat! I’m a generally happy person (though medically induced sometimes) and even I don’t like mondays. This school year I am determined to change that!

we can do this!
we can do this!

I have spoken about my happiness internet bestie that doesn’t know I exist right? Well I follow her on facebook too and every week she posts a happiness challenge. A way to help you improve your happiness.

Well I’m going to start doing them! Last week’s challenge was this:

What labels are you holding onto, even though they no longer represent you? What new labels are you resisting using because they don’t feel right even though they are factually accurate?

This week, I challenge you to update your biography. Go through your About section on Facebook and Twitter. Update your signature file in your email. Update your resume, and take off that college job that no longer has anything to do with your career.

Introduce yourself. Who are you today?

So I’m going to do just that. Step one is going to be to update my signature in here. I’ve had the same one for so long! Also I’m going to link some of my other things. I don’t tweet often but maybe this will make me work on it!


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