Sometimes it’s the little things!

So if you were watching the instagram feed or if you have spent anytime on this blog at all you know that I was at the first football game of the season! It wasn’t to watch the game, it was to watch the half time show. I’m always just there for the halftime show!

Well about halfway through the 1st quarter I turned to the hubster and said “I have a sad”. He knew instantly why, it was because “she” hadn’t come to visit me.

**Cue flashback music**

Six years ago was my first year of teaching and it was awful! I would go home crying wondering what had I done. I would think that there is no way I could go on and that I would be happier working at wal-mart. I hid it well with a smile every day because I didn’t want anyone else to think I was a failure or that I was miserable. I kept telling myself that if I just survived the first year it had to get better.

So there was one student that year, apparently I reached out to her, she will still tell everyone that I was her favorite teacher ever. I’m thinking that’s because my rules were awful and she was able to get away with anything, but I’m trying to look on the bright side.

So for the following 5 years she has come up to me and tackled me at the football games. I would hear her coming, and tell her friends “wait I have to go say hi”. Her friends would laugh, but she didn’t care. It happened every single game. The one game I missed she asked where I was (that was the game I was too pregnant with Jillian to go to).

Well I didn’t see her friday night. I didn’t get my tackle hug and quick update on her. I knew it would happen. I knew she would one day become “too cool” to say hi to her old science teacher, but I thought it would at least wait until she graduated high school. She’s just a sophomore now.

Yes I have many more students that say hi and I can’t go anywhere with out being waved at, smiled at, or hidden from (those are the best 🙂 ). She was just the most important one to me because like me she survived that first year and she thought I did an awesome job when I thought my whole world was ending!! She taught me that every day I can make a difference in someone’s life without even trying.

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