A back to school update!

Well we are all getting back in the swing of things like getting up early and setting out our clothes and packing lunches. Exhaustion doesn’t begin to explain it!! 🙂

So here is a quick update on all of us:

Hubster- still trying to keep his head above water with everyone playing around on his network. That will get better

Me- I make 8 round trips up and down the stairs every day!! Having a two story campus full of kids that need to be escorted everywhere is crazy! All I can say about my classes is that they all have the same name! I have five of this name and 4 of this name and 2 of this name, and none of them want to go by their middle name!! That’s gonna be crazy for a while, but at least I have less names to learn! 🙂

Veronica- loves her teachers! loves her subjects! She had to go take her pills from the nurse on the first day of school, but her teachers are taking very good care of her!

Danielle- loves her teacher also, has started making friends. She did have a little scare the second day of school when her teacher had to go home sick, she just wasn’t real sure about the teacher that took over.

Jillian- She doesn’t like getting up early!! 🙂

So it’s been good, we are working out our grove this week. I figure by the middle of september we’ll have it down to a science. This is the first time we are having to add in Church with the school, and soon piano lessons will start along with Children’s choir/handbells and Faith 4 life, computer club, student council, and meetings at school!

It’s gonna fly by like every year. I hope you are your family are having an easy transition with going back to school!


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