Sunday Shorts!

OK raise your hand if your surprised by the lack of posts?? To those of you with your hand up….let me say sorry, but you might not know that I’m a teacher and this week is our “Hell week”! Don’t worry I survived the countless hours of profession development, the building presentations that I had to teach to teachers, the finding of a new relay for life captain for our team after the hubster told me there was no way I could do it and meeting my new students! So here I set on the eve of back to school after a wild and crazy ride at wal-mart. All that’s left to do is pack the girls lunches and set out clothes for tomorrow. Oh and get this house to bed at 7:00. 🙂 So sorry for the quietness around here, but I have been thinking about you.

1. Today at our church they did this awesome Blessing of the Backpacks, I had never seen it before but it made me all teary eyed.

Walking in with her backpack
Walking in with her backpack

They had all the children come up to the front and they paired up with an adult, after the pastor had said a prayer the adults clipped crosses onto their backpacks. The children were then given a cross to share with a friend a school that they felt needed it.

my girls getting their crosses
my girls getting their crosses

2. Well the other night the hubster tested the success of Veronica’s therapy sessions when he cooked breakfast for dinner. We might need more therapy before we try that one again.

3. Friday we had meet the teacher I got all teary eyed when I saw Danielle walk into that Kindergarten room. I know she’ll be fine. I hand picked her teacher, but she’s my baby!!

4. Veronica is going into 4th grade and that means she’ll be on my campus. I’m excited about it. I love her teachers too!!

5. We relaxed on Saturday and watched movies and just spent time enjoying the calm before the storm as a family.

Jilly smiles!
Jilly smiles!

6. Then we had a concert where the girls got dressed up and preformed for us. I remember the concerts I performed as a kid.

She was surprised by the entertainment!
She was surprised by the entertainment!

7. And then Snow White started cleaning my house!!


Well tonight we’ll be going to bed early to start another school year! I hope your kids have a great first day!!

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