Sunday Shorts

Ok guys it’s the start of a new school you know it’s crazy around here! 🙂

1. The last two weeks have been emotionally draining. Hubster has had some stuff going on at work that kept him away pretty much around the clock. But I think we are over the worst of it and life can start to get back to normal.

2. Yesterday Danielle and I went and saw Planes! It was a cute movie.

3. My classroom is almost done!! It looks so pretty in the new school. When I get home from it today I should be 100% done. I’ll post pictures.

4. It’s starting to hit me that my little Danielle is going to kindergarten. I found myself crying about it the other day.

5. I did some back to school shopping with my mom and Danielle on saturday. It was fun hitting the deals.

6. Speaking of deals…I did my first couponing trip to CVS. OK I could have done better and I thought it was a little silly to buy stuff I don’t need when I don’t have storage for it, but I can see where extreme couponing could give some women a rush. I’ll try it again. 🙂

I have more to say, but the kids are about to be up and then it will be time for church and time to get back to work. So I hope you enjoy your last few minutes of summer!!

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