The Surface RT revisited

Remember this post from the beginning of summer where I compared the Windows Surface RT with the Apple iPad?

Well today while on twitter I noticed a link to this article:

ISTE 2013 Attendees Used as Marketing tools.

Here is an excerpt from the article:

The reason that there was almost complete silence after ISTE is because, the entire thing was a marketing ploy by Microsoft to try to put the proverbial lipstick on a pig. The “experience” of the Windows RT Experience was for Microsoft to get rid of a ton of inventory that was not selling and give it to a bunch of unsuspecting teachers who love free stuff no matter what the value.
The Surface RT tablet which had terrible reviews from the technology press, even before ISTE 2013 was a serious bomb on the market. Even back in March, the device was pretty much considered a still birth in the technology gadget delivery room. No school district had widely adopted it like iPads or like Chromebooks. Back in May, Microsoft itself offered a discount to attendees of it’s own EdTech conference. Not a small discount like Apple does mind you (here is $10 off, feel good about yourself for not owning a piece of shit) but a deep discount like you find n the cutout rack at Staples.
So it was pretty clear that by the time ISTE had arrived, Microsoft had a turd of a product on it’s hands and it needed to get rid of inventory. Hello gullible teachers! ISTE was the perfect venue to get rid of all those tablets destined for landfills. Education needs help. Education needs technology.
Education needs tablets. What better way to look like a good guy than to give a bunch of teachers free tablets? Steve Ballmer dressed as Superman always looks good to stock holders right? And it fits in nicely with that whole Gates-Foundation-we-are-changing-education script that has been going for about a decade now.

Now as an ISTE attendee I’m not mad a microsoft, but I never would have touched one if I hadn’t gotten it for free.

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