Session #1 was a success!

On Friday Veronica had her first therapy session, this is how it went:

We got there early (of course) so we ended up waiting outside until she showed up. Veronica was nervous but she was hiding it very well. Veronica went back in the room with her while mom and dad sat out in the waiting room. I wanted so bad to hear what they were talking about but I know that’s against the rules.

After 40 minutes in there alone with my daughter she called Rex and I in there. She told us a little bit about what they talked about. She said that we had a lot of work to do and that counseling was the right thing for her. She said that Veronica has problems with self esteem and depression and that she worries way too much for a kid. She showed us a chart that Veronica had made that really surprised me:

They made a chart that talks about how veronica’s anxiety is on a scale of 1 to 5. 1 is the calmest and 5 is the I just can’t handle myself.

#1 Doing Math
#2 worry about the house catching on fire
#3 meeting new people
#4 chores and responsibility
#5 the way Danielle chews her food at the dinner table

I have to say that list isn’t at all the order I expected it to me. The Doctor said we should role play meeting new people and in different situations. Our homework for the weekend is to make a list of ten things she can do when she feels the panic coming on. Then we post it in her room for a visual reminder. We are also going to make a board of all the positive things about Veronica.

This is going to cause us to make lots of changes at home as well. We are talking about rearranging the girls rooms so they have different rooms. There will be specific chore lists and other things.

I’m still worried about Veronica but I’m glad we are getting her help at such a young age.

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