Sunday Shorts—Is it really the end of July edition?? :)

1. I promise to catch up on my photo a day this afternoon….this week has just been crazy!!

2. My mom finally has a new car!! The angels in heaven are singing!

3. Danielle said something to me the other night when we were out way past her bed time: “Mommy time waits for no one, unless you take the batteries out of the clock”.

4. You know those rocks that I painted with Danielle? Well in hindsight maybe painting them with washable paint and putting them out where they can get rained on wasn’t the best idea I ever had. 🙂

5. So I’ve gotten hooked on a new crappy t.v. shows….guys it’s really crappy but it’s oh so good. It’s a show you won’t find on normal t.v. because it’s a netflix

6. Next week is going to busy and fun, I’m finally going to let myself think about back to school in August so I”m going to enjoy these last few days of July.

7. I called my Aunt on Friday and asked about plans for Thanksgiving! Hey before you know it we will getting turkey and dressing.

8. Danielle and I went to the library on Saturday. She sat in the chair reading for awhile and then we checked out even more. I’m so proud of her.

9. Aunt Holley came up to see us and we went and saw Turbo. It was a cute movie, at least the part of it I got to see.

10. Jillian is hitting her terrible twos…this is gonna be one crazy ride with her. I didn’t have these with the other two.

Silly Jilly
Silly Jilly

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