The start of a long journey

Well Veronica had her appointment today and I have to say that it went better then I had thought. Basically the doctor put it this way:

Every morning (depending on how much sleep you get) you have a deposit of emotions and when you are in a situation where your brain has to ask “Am I safe” you withdrawal from that deposit. When you can’t answer the question of “am I safe” right away then your brain keeps asking withdrawing every time. The more withdrawal the less emotions you have and then your other organs go into panic mode. So my Veronica doesn’t know how to calm herself down and let her brain know that she is actually safe when she is presented with different situations. This is why once one thing upsets her everything else that happens around her sets her off also. It’s like a chain reaction.

So with the help of a doctor Veronica will enter into counseling to learn how to keep her smarts about her and retrain her brain to know that she is safe even when her brain says she is not. It will help her to realize that even if she doesn’t understand what is going on around her she can look at the situation and know that she is safe. The doctor wants to start her with medicine to help her while she’s retraining but then will take her off of the meds once she has a grip on her emotions.

So in two weeks we venture down with daddy in tow for our first session.

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