Happy Birthday!

I’m sure most of you have heard that the App Store is having a birthday!! Has it really been five years already, five years of wasting our lives away on 99 cent games? Wow time flies as fast as a mad bird out of a slingshot!

Anyway they are offering some apps for free for a limited time. *

So I went through and downloaded them all. 🙂 Hey even if I don’t need it now it doesn’t hurt for it to sit in my cloud until I do need it. 🙂

Here are my opinions on the ones I have played with.

Barefoot World Atlas:

A 3D interactive map that teaches kids about the world. They can click on it and hear about the cultures of that area. Sooo Cool!

from google images

It’s a photo app that allows you to put words over your pictures:

My current favorite vacation photo!!
My current favorite vacation photo!!

There is a free DJ app that I haven’t had time to play with and 5 games that the hubster has looked at, but I haven’t.

Tiny wings and it’s happy little bird that just flies, but you have to see how far you can get him before nightfall.

from google images

I think the girls will love it.

* I don’t actually know how long they will be free. But I linked the article up there so you can see all the apps and get a better opinion.

Please share your opinion

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