Home Sweet Home!

Well here we are, back home and relaxing. It was a wonderful vacation and I’m glad only one of us has to go to back to reality tomorrow. Sitting out there in the 80 degree weather of the mountains it’s very easy to think about how amazing life would be if we lived up there, then reality hits you that living up there means taking jobs and bills with you. So for now we’ll plan to go up there every 3 or 4 years (on the drive home the girls were talking about what they wanted to make sure we did on our next trip).

1. I think a full week was a little long….it was fun, but kids and adults started getting grumpy and tired after 5 days, so 7 was too many.

2. I know to some people Arkansas might seem like a crazy place to vacation, but we don’t like to do the tourists stuff. We like to experience the local stuff.

3. I can’t say enough at how proud I am of my girls and the way they spent (or didn’t spend) their money while on the trip. They each bought a tea set from the adorable tea house we stopped and had dinner at and then bought a couple of rocks. After that they each wanted a slice of pie at the restaurant we were at, so they bought it for themselves. They waitress even put it on a separate ticket for each of them. Oh and on the drive home if they wanted m&ms…they bought them! I might just be able to teach these two how to save money.

We are all a little darker (or redder in my case), our hair and lighter from the soaking up the sun and our freckles are out. It was a wonderful time, but I’m happy to be home, and my dogs are happy I’m home too. I’ll post more pictures (no you haven’t seen them all) and stories while I wake up from the vacation coma I’m hoping to go in for the next 3 days. Tomorrow hubster goes back to work so it will be movies and popcorn for me and the girls!

Our view on our way out of the mountains
Our view on our way out of the mountains

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