Cashing in our coins

Remember last summer when the girls started collecting coins? It was all for our one day trip to Disney World. Well with our trip to Arkansas this week I gave the girls the option to cash it all in so they could have spending money for the trip.

Now I asked them this very carefully. I pulled each girl in alone and asked them, explaining that the money would be used for whatever they wanted while in Arkansas and that when we got back we would start collecting again until the next trip. They both said yes!

So we collected our coins and traveled to the nearest coinstar!


The girls were watching it all add up. They were keeping up with the number of nickels and dimes. $90.00 later they were excited! They realized that they would each have $45.00 and that’s more money then either one of them has ever had before.

Veronica couldn’t believe that they collected so much money just keeping up with their coins. So this small little lesson has shown them that saving every little penny counts.

Now I can’t wait to see what they do with their earnings while on the trip!

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