Sunday Shorts

Well here it is the last Sunday of the first month of summer. Wow that was confusing. 🙂

1. On Tuesday we leave for our family vacation! I’m excited and looking forward to the cooler weather as we go farther north.

2. I heard something on t.v. that totally made me laugh, they referred to farts as heiney hiccups. Totally using that now! After all we are a royal family. 🙂

3. Snow Cones are awesome on a hot summer day!


4. I’m not sure who’s idea it was to go on vacation 4 days after getting back from conference….but they were crazy!

5. Jillian got ahold of my phone and took a picture of her new baby doll. She did a pretty good job.

baby has some pretty amazing eyes.
baby has some pretty amazing eyes.

6. I still don’t know if it was a good decision or not but after having Veronica read a few posts to my blog and know that I was blogging I have started one up for her. She’s very proud and I’m trying to teach her how it can be a tool for her. We’ll see what happens.

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