I promise not all Texans are as crazy as me! *

I have mentioned my love for Canada. It comes from growing up reading Mrs. Mike and watching Anne of Green Gables every weekend. Yes it’s cold and harsh but when it wasn”t it was beautiful. We don’t get four different seasons down here in Texas, so the thought of building a snowman is very magical to me.

Anyway fast forward to my week in San Antonio for the ISTE conference:

When I’m walking with my friends down the street to go to a social, we run into two ladies who are just as lost we we are. So our group of 3 becomes of group of 5 and then a group of 6 when we find more lost people. We all start talking about where we are from and one very friendly lady said “I”m from Montreal Canada”. I got so excited. I told her to be my friend and tell me a story! Yes folks I really did, lucky for me she thought I was cute and didn’t think I was crazy Little did she know :).

Well anyway we got to talking and she works at an emergent school for French working with Kindergartners. How cool is that!!??!! She has 3 sons, I have 3 daughters. I asked her how she was handeling the heat down here in the Lone Star State and she said it was ok. She kept asking me where a good place to get a steak was because she knew in Texas she had to have one.

So we kept laughing and talking and finding out we had a lot in common. I was so excited to meet someone from Canada and talk to them that I forgot to ask her what her name was…but I did ask her for a picture!

Me and my new friend!
Me and my new friend!

I later found out that her name was Yolanda when she started following me on twitter.

* Well maybe they are, we are a special bred of people.

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