Sunday Shorts

1. I FINALLY finished the 39 Clues!! It was a good book, but for a children’s series 10 books is a lot. I found it hard to stay focused. I finally got to the point where I was just reading so I could be done. So I only hope that if kids get their hands on it they stay focused and enjoy it and it doesn’t become too much of a read for them.

2. Saturday I went to a Google Summit in the Woodlands. As I regretting signing up for when my alarm went off at 5:30 a.m.I was overjoyed at my decision by the end of the day. I learned a little, but I’m glad it only costs 50.00. I didn’t learn 250.00 worth of stuff. I made new friends. I became a little bit famous when a comment I made in front of the director ended up on twitter and he said it would be the theme for next year. I ran into an old friend that I had lost and getting to see her and hug here made it all worth it.

3. Ok everyone do me a favor, remember back to the end of your senior year in highschool. You were so excited about the future and getting out and you would talk about your plans to “never come back to this small town” because you were going to make it! However secretly you were scared and you wanted to freeze time into a place where you knew everyone, had friends, and didn’t have bills. Well I’m right there again. They have built a new school for us which is beautiful, but with the new school comes a lot of changes. Sure I’ll still be teaching 5th grade science, but I will have new teaching partners (I think). This is giving me such anxiety. I have a system with my partners. It works for us. I don’t want to change. So as I go through this process of both grieving what is and excited about what is to be I find myself an emotional wreck.

4. We also seem to have find a new church home. I haven’t talked about it much because I wanted to be sure and I wanted to give it the post it deserves. So at the end of this month, when we make a final decision I’ll let you know.

5. Only 4 days of school this week, then it’s time for flex schedule for 9 days!

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