Anyone want a worm?

Ok I realize that I’m about to open a can of worms here…but I have a few questions about men and their habits. It’s not even the usual toilet seat up problem, which I have to give my mother-in law props for that one because hubster is great at always putting it down.

1. Why when a man takes out the trash is it impossible for him to put a new bag back in the trash can? He’s getting better but it’s still annoying. Between you and me I have started just throwing trash in there without the bag so he will get equally annoyed and do something about it. My plan seems to be working.

2. A man opens a kitchen cabinet to get something and then the cabinet remains open. I don’t understand why he can’t close the cabinet when he’s done with it. What is wrong with closing the cabinet door?

3. When stopping for gas with other people in the car I always roll the windows down so the people can get some air. Why don’t men do this? Why can’t they think about the fact that Texas is hot and in a car with no air even for 5 minutes it starts to get miserable?

4. This one is a touchy subject in this house but maybe you guys can help me out. Why is it that a men thinks a meal is just meat? There have been fights around this house because a t-bone has been put on a plate with no green things. No veggies at all. I understand liking meat but I need a square meal, I need sides. I also don’t like it when my food is all one color. I try to always have a variety. Luckily hubster has understood this and we have worked out where he is in charge of the main course and I’m in charge of the sides, but I just don’t understand why this has to even be an issue.

One thought on “Anyone want a worm?

  1. This made me laugh! I find myself shaking my head at the things my husband does/thinks (yes the trash can issues happen at my house too.) I am out numbered in my house as Husband and I have two boys – I fear what the future holds when the boys get older. 🙂

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