Sunday Shorts- The sequel is better

Wow you don’t hear that often! Those sunday shorts I just posted yesterday weren’t very good. I had more to say but was just too tired and just wanted to get them out there.

So let’s try again.

1. While driving down the road I head Danielle tell Jillian “Stop chewing on plastic…here play with my foot”. Ummm what? We all couldn’t stop laughing about it.

2. Our little “meal ticket” experiment? It’s going pretty well. We have eaten out a lot less and we still have two tickets that haven’t been used. Of course they are the special occasion one and Danielle’s but still that’s progress.

3. I’m almost done with 39 clues book. While I have enjoyed the series and I want to know how it ends I’m ready for the book to be done. It’s like the t.v. series that goes on forever.

4. Danielle has decided that bo-bos heal faster when you put a pretty band-aid on them.

Relaxing with my girls!
Relaxing with my girls!

5. When we were out at the rents this past weekend Danielle went hunting for her big sister. since we were walking in the sand Danielle said she was following her paw prints.

I think it's safe to say one of these belongs to Veronica.
I think it’s safe to say one of these belongs to Veronica.

6. I tink next year I’m going to do a segment “funny shirts my kids wear to school”. OMG there are some crazy ones. Today’s Gem? CSI= Can’t Stand Idiots! 🙂

7. Sonic’s strawberry banana shakes rock my world!! Without whip cream of course.

8. OK this is funny!

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