Conversations with Kids

So last Friday the hubster and I had a doctor’s appointment. We have been have quiet about the nature of this appointment and will continue to be, but I decided to play around with Veronica about it.

Me: Hey Veronica you know that Dr’s Visit Daddy and I went to?

Veronica: Yep (as she’s playing some silly game on her phone)

Me: We’re having twins!

Veronica: Really? I thought you were done having kids.

Me: Well we are, and I’m not pregnant. But if God puts one in there then we will happily raise it and love it.

Veronica: Mommy I know that’s not how it happens.

Me: Well I know that but sometimes birth control can fail.

Veronica: So stop poking around with Daddy.

What could I say at that point?? Nothing but laugh! Sometimes it’s so hard to remember that she is only 9 years old!

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