Sunday Shorts- It’s a beautiful Day in the neighborhood edition!

OMG interwebz…this weather is awesome! It’s not too hot, there’s a slight breeze, the sun is shining! I have had an awesome weekend to help me prepare for on hell of a week.

1. First off the week is going to be crazy because it’s the Science STAAR test! Also Veronica will be taking her first ever offical STAAR test. You know she’s anxious though she has nothing to worry about.

2. Friday night is relay for life! Woohoo I love relay!!

3. This past week was crazy too. On Wednesday i felt like total crap so I just stayed in bed all day.

4. Thursday I took 1/2 a day off to go to the ENT for my clogged EARs. That doctor’s appointment was a life changer!! It seems it wasn’t pollen causing me issues. It was waxy build up. 34 years worth of waxy build up!! I have super sonic hearing now and EVERYTHING seems loud to me! I told my family from now on that doctor was going to be added to our “doctor’s we visit before going back to school” list.

5. OK so you know in #4 how I said I took half a day off? Well it ended up being a full day when the daycare called and told me I had 2 babies with pink eye!! One tiny bottle of drops and $96.00 my home is pink eye free!

6. We planted some things in flowerbed this morning. Just a few little flowers. We also added a small garden gnome. Jillian will carry that thing around every where! I’m thinking someone needs to find her a stuff gnome before mine breaks to pieces.

7. Only 7 more Mondays!!!

Mommy turn up the Glee!!
Mommy turn up the Glee!!

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