Everybody does it!

Ok after the evening I have had I totally have to share this with you guys!

So most seasoned parents know that it’s important to have a “catching device” near the bathtub when bathing little ones. No I’m not talking about catching them when their fears of being sucked down the drain become reality. I’m taking about catching the other things in the bath….the floaters!! You know what I’m talking about. They get in the warm water without the restrictions of a diaper and their body just relaxes.

Every baby has done it. Veronica did it once or twice. Danielle did it once or twice. Jillian on the other hand….every other day!! Most of the time she takes baths with Danielle to speed up the process, because of this Danielle has become a super floater finder. She will point out anything that looks like it doesn’t belong in the tub and if it’s a floater she gets out of the tub faster then a mom in a city pool where a kid has just thrown a candy bar in.

I don’t get why she does this. Usually baths are just after dinner so it’s not like her body has had time to process. Today I had changed 2 poopie diapers within an hour and a half before putting her in the tub and it’s not like they were runny. I’m not sure what to do. We are strict on bed times and routines for our kids so I can’t really change all that. And even though she’s a baby I feel strongly about bathing little ones every night. Maybe I need to adjust the temperature. Maybe I need to make her bathe by herself and not with Danielle anymore. I have tried putting both girls in a shower (we have a removable shower head) but she cries the whole time. This is one problem I am stumped on. I’m not sure how to fix it. Yes I know it’s not really that bad, as long as I get them out quickly. It’s just weird to me. She has done it three times in the last 4 days.

So while I try to figure out our little floater problem here is something I found on pinterest this evening. It really is full of information!

OK the whole “a person can still fart after death” is just creepy!

2 thoughts on “Everybody does it!

  1. Perhaps dubbing your little one the “Queen of Hearts” was a little premature …. perhaps another consonant should have been used instead of the “H”. Might I suggest “F” as an alternative for the time being?

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