Got your meal ticket?

OK I admit it my family’s vice is eating out. After getting done with work at 5:00 and trying to get the kids to bed at 7:00 it’s so much easier to go to restaurant. We can always find a reason: the kitchen is clean, we didn’t thaw anything out, my student’s where horrible, there was a server down, it’s TCE night at CiCi’s.

Yep we can find any reason to justify taking our family of 5 out to a restaurant. Our usual schedule is CiCi’s on thursday because the school makes money off of that. Buster’s on Tuesday because hey the kids eat free. But guys it has to stop. We spend way too much money eating out. Plus when we eat out for special occasions it makes it not so special.

So I came up with a plan! A game if you will!

Every month everyone in the house gets an “eat out token” (except Jillian because she’s too young). The rules are simple.

1. You can only use your token once a month. We made our month’s from the 15th to the 15th so it’s pay day to pay day.

2. The person using the token gets to pick where we eat and NO ONE can complain. Mommy misses out on a lot of mexican food because the family complains when I want to go there.

3. There is one Golden ticket that is for special occasions like birthdays and such so no one has to use their token on those things.

4. If you go the whole month without using your token you receive 20.00 at the end of the month. Of course Veronica quickly did the math and realized that in one year she can have $240.00 if she never eats out again.

The coupons are still a work in progress.  I don't like them yet, but I needed something to get us started.
The coupons are still a work in progress. I don’t like them yet, but I needed something to get us started.

I think this is going to work. It gives the power in everyone’s hands. It helps us limit but doesn’t completely take away and there is a reward that everyone likes at the end. Since it’s usually about 50.00 to eat out giving $20.00 for not eating out we are still coming out ahead.

I know it’s early but we are 4 days into the month and no one has eaten out yet, trust me that’s good for us. I’ll report back at the end of the month on our progress. I already told the family that we would be using my coupon on April 24th (that’s the day of the science STAAR test).

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