Apps I love!

Every time anyone asks me about apps the first one I direct them to is swackett.

Cute little peeps dressed like we should all dress in the weather of the day. There are fun weather facts and the kids just like looking at it. My girls check their swackett every morning and every night. Now maybe I have created little monsters about weather updates, but it makes them happy to know.

The other one is Cozi. Everyone I know with a busy life is on Cozi. Veronica checks it and so does the hubster (when I remind him 🙂 ) I know there is is iCal and all that…but I just like the look and feel of this one. If I”m on my computer at work (sadly not a mac) I can still update Cozi and everyone linked to me will get the update.

Now my MOST favorite app right now is probably the most expensive one I’ve ever bought. However it was well worth it! It’s a recipe holder, a grocery list, a menu planer, all in one. AND it syncs with my phone, my laptop and hubster’s phone. Also all those recipes I love from the Pioneer Woman? I can insert the URL into my paprika app, put it on the menu for thursday and say “add to grocery list” and there it is! Everything I need to buy!! Also 3 different recipes call for the same thing, it will combine the amounts! I’m sooo in love with it!

I have to give the hubster credit for finding this one!

** All images are from the great image holder google!

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