Monday Minis!

Ok there were about 10 times yesterday when I thought “I really need to do Sunday shorts” but honestly I felt like crap. Not really bad crap, just pollen is in the air and going into my lungs, ears, nose, throat crap. So a day late, here are your monday minis!

1. It’s crawfish season again! That means cold beer and hot crawfish. I love it.

Life is good!
Life is good!

2. We all went to the rents on saturday, even took the new dog Mavis. She had a great time running around and even made a friend. Of course when we finally came home that night she was so tired she didn’t move!

3. Veronica has slowly been expanding her t.v. watching limits. As she gets more mature and her interests grow we give her more shows to watch. Not sure how I feel about it but she has started watching Stargate SG1. We set a rule up that she can only watch it with one of us. Two shows in and she likes it so far.

4. Speaking of shows OMG DID YOU SEE GLEE!!! She can’t be leaving? I just refuse to believe it! The emotion…so real…I felt like I was there with them.

5. The next few days are going to be crazy! Just days away from THE TEST and I have 3 different doctor’s appointments scheduled on 3 different days. I just want to close my eyes and wake up in May!!

6. Tonight I pulled out an old movie to watch with my girls! Anne of Green Gables. I love those books and those movies. I told them it would take us awhile to watch all 7 hours of the show, but they were required to watch it.

She was so sleep she would lay down anywhere!
She was so sleepy she would lay down anywhere!

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