Sunday Shorts

I would just like to say that this Texas weather can go to hell!! All this pollen and stuff in the air my ears are clogged, head hurts, nose is runny. It sucks!! Oh well just a few more weeks and the heat will make me feel like we are at the gates of hell. 🙂 Here are your Sunday Shorts!

1. I HAVE TICKETS TO SEE WICKED!!!! Yes that totally needed to be yelled! This summer there will be a “wicked weekend” with my two besties who are quickly becoming besties! It’s will be just girls for the weekend doing wicked things that I can’t even tell you about! Don’t worry they are all pre-approved by the hubster.

2. On Friday night my mom took Danielle out to dinner and movie. She got to see the Croods. I’m slightly jealous, because I really wanted to see it. Maybe it will still be playing after pay day. 🙂

3.For the next 3 weeks I only have to work 4 days a week. There are workshops, doctor’s appointments and fun days planned. April is going to be an awesome month!

4. Speaking of April, that means summer is just around the corner. I have been working on a summer bucket list for me and the girls. I hope we have fun. 🙂

5. Only 9 more mondays of school!!!

6. This weekend Danielle went to her first birthday party of a friends from school. She had so much fun! 2 and 1/2 hours in a bouncy house sure does wear out a little girl. 🙂

7. This past week we had a parent-teacher conference with Danielle’s teacher. She told us how amazing our kids was but had one concern. She has seen Danielle exhibit behaviors that are typical with vision problems. We called and made her an appointment with the doctor as soon as we got out. So we’ll see what he says.

8.On Saturday my mom spent the afternoon with the girls. They made banana pudding. It was funny to see Jillian eat the bananas as quickly as Danielle was putting them in the pan.

She makes the cutest faces.
She makes the cutest faces.

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