Photo A Day Challenge A review

Ok I have just survived my very first Photo a day challenge so I’m going to share a few thoughts on it.

1. LOVE IT!! It was fun and I liked posting all the pictures.

2. I will totally do another one, but I think I’m going to wait until summer.

3. If you do one make sure you print out the list…I had to keep going back and finding out what I was supposed to take a photo of it.

4. Probably not the best timing on my part though, I have even less storage space left on the blog now. We are in high need of an upgrade…hubster and I are working on that.

5. The best thing about the photo a day? It made me look at things in a different way. It made me find joys in the simple things. My family got into it and would actually ask me what the photo was. So I think we are going to make a game of it over the summer.

One thought on “Photo A Day Challenge A review

  1. I, too, had fun with it while I could keep up. Thank you for sharing the list! I have also considered picking it back up this summer, but we will have to see… In the end, watching your ideas was fun, as well! =D

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