Sunday Shorts: Driving Home Edition!

Yep that’s right, I turned on my hotspot and I’m blogging on my laptop from somewhere on I-10 between Schulenburg and Houston. Though I’m not the only one, when connecting I found quite a few iPhone options. 🙂

1. It was a very good Easter weekend with Aunt Mary and Uncle Tommy. We dyed eggs, had fish tacos, hunted eggs, and had some amazingly good bar-b-que.

2. Jillian had fun hunting eggs this year. They added in some confetti eggs to the mix and the kids got to crack them on each other’s heads.

3. Since we were in the area hubster insisted that we go to Easter Sunday mass at the church we were married in. I love to visit that church, but sometimes it’s a little hard to get there on time. I’m glad we went, because it seems no matter how long between visits Father Sonnier always speaks right to me.

4. Very sad to report that the bluebonnets aren’t out too much this year. Usually they are full around the church and I didn’t see a single one driving out there.

5. Sitting in the pew in front of us was an old couple with their 3 daughters and their grandkids, I had to laugh. I told Rex that our future was sitting right in front of us.

6. While Rex and I were hanging otu one evening we found a calculator that will tell you when the best time to retire is and how much money you’ll get and stuff. By our calculations we will retire in 2038! That will make Veronica 34! Let the planning begin! 🙂

7. Speaking of planning, sitting down with my family this weekend I got to have my ever popular calendar meeting. Summer is looking pretty good.

8. I have pictures and stuff to share with you guys from this weekend butt I’m not going to dig out the cord for that too.

I hope you have a very happy Easter and that you got to spend it doing whatever makes your heart happy. Only 10 more weeks of school!! 🙂

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