Sunday Shorts

The weather and pollen down here are doing a number on my head. I go from feeling awesome to feeling like I have been hit by a truck. Sinuses are draining off and on. But I’m enjoying because I know 100 degree weather is right around the corner. 🙂

1. I know I missed Photo a day 22…I’m still struggling about what to take a picture of. It’s supposed to be “about me” but what don’t you guys know? You know about my fear of mascots. You know about my anxiety. You know i want to be OCD but I let the needs of my kids take over instead. You will get your photo, but that one might be late.

2. I seem to be in the teacher spring crisis that most teachers go through each year. It’s the time after spring break and before tests. My students were asking me about labs in science and when they would happen and I kept saying “after the test” One of them finally said “all the fun stuff starts after the test” and I couldn’t do anything but agree.

3. The other day I did bus duty standing in the blue bonnets. Hubster was home and since we live well across the street from the school I had the girls walk home.

I love how Veronica grabbed Danielle's hand to keep her safe.
I love how Veronica grabbed Danielle’s hand to keep her safe.

4. Ok I just went and looked at my photo a day to prepare for tomorrow and then I realized that I posted the wrong picture for yesterday. It should have been “What I do for fun”. Oh well I cook for fun….so there you have it. 🙂

5. Veronica gets to go on a Field trip this year and see STOMP, I’m kinda a little jealous.

6. The cars are starting to stop in our front yard to take pictures in the blue bonnets. It’s funny to watch them do that…but I know that I will be right along with them as soon as I get the girl’s outfits picked out.

7. This is week number 11. Only 11 weeks left of school! It’s going to go by faster then you think.

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