The Cleaning Theory as Presented by an 8 year old:

Ok this was a conversation between Veronica and I while everyone was working on cleaning the house except her. The italics part are said in my head and not out loud.

Mom: Veronica what are you doing?

Veronica: Waiting for Danielle to be done cleaning.

Mom: Ok well don’t you know you would be done sooner if you helped her?

Veronica: Ok this is the way I figured it up. The house is like a parallelogram and when you divide it in half you get two cubes. Mommy and Daddy are in charge of one cube and Danielle and I are in charge of another cube.

Mom: OK let me picture a parallelogram, ok cut in half yep looks like cubes.

Veronica: Then I take our cube and cut it in half again so Danielle and I each do half the work, thus creating two more parallelograms. I’m tired of Danielle doing only 1/8 of the cube, she needs to start doing all of her cube. This needs to be fair and she is not working on her cube and I’m tired of it.

Mom: laughing and hugging Veronica reminding her that I love her.

Blink forward about 5 minutes.

Jillian is standing on a box in front of the sink and Veronica needs to put something in the cabinet under the sink so she tries to push the box that the baby is on to move them out of her way. It goes something like this:

Mom: Hey get her off of there first she will’s simple physics.

Veronica: I clean to geometry not physics!

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