Incredible Pizza vs. Chuck E Cheese – My own opinion

As a mom of little ones I’m always looking for aplace to eat that will take care of the kids needs as well as wear them out so they will sleep better. In the small town I live in Mcdonald’s is about the only option until I want to take them to the park. So when we really want an adventure we drive about an hour. Well we have two options.

First it’s an hour south to Chuck E Cheese: Let me start by saying that since becoming a mom I have only been to this place twice, once for a birthday party and once seeking an end to bordem. Twice was enough, and here is why:


1. Price!
2. There is no buffet so you don’t get a variety, I can get a pepperoni at Little Caesars for 5.00
3. Seats- there aren’t a lot of tables, just small booths and my family of 5 and I like to spread out and have our space.
4. The Salad Bar- Now don’t get me wrong I’m not saying they had a crappy salad bar. I’m saying I paid for “all you can eat” and I got one flimsy plate. This lead me to believe that EVERYONE who made a second trip to the salad bar had the chance to spill spit out green olives all over the what I hope was fresh salad. To be fair I didn’t ask if we got a new plate each trip…but there were non out there and the people working the salad bar had no way to know I had paid the 7.00 for the second trip. There was only one trip.
5. At least the closet one to us is small for the type of place it is. I really felt the crowd.
6. While I know it isn’t fair to judge a whole company based on one location, their staff wasn’t very friendly and their bathroom was flooded.
7. A crazy mascot walking around…you know how I don’t like mascots!


1. I really like those plastic cups they give you for the tokens. It helped us organize who got how many tokens and kept us from loosing all our tokens.
2. The hand stamp system. They stamp you with the kids you are with and check you at the door to make sure you are taking someone else’s kids. (very sad we have to do that now).
3. All games are one token.

Our Second choice is an hour south-westish to Incredible Pizza.


1. The extra games they have like bowling, mini golf, racing cars are a little more expensive.


1. All game money goes on a card so you don’t have to worry about tokens
2. Food variety. Even stuff for those rare human beings that don’t like pizza.
3. Clean plates, forks, trays, cups, whatever you need and easy to find.
4. One of those high tech coke machines that can flavor up any drink you can imagine
5. LOTS of seating variety. You can sit in an old fashioned living room, or a drive in.
6. Parties are contained in their own private room, with a door.
7. Games for kids Jilly’s age and hubster’s age.
8. An indoor playground that doesn’t cost anything but energy to play in.
9. A dessert bar
10. Friendly staff
11. It’s a Christian company and says so right on the door.
12. They have themes and different fun days planned for kids and adults. Oh and they e-mail me a calendar every month. I love it during the summer.
13. They (at least the one we go to) are in HUGE building…lots of space to run around and play and explore.
14. And to end on an even number the hubster says “I like their old fashioned atmosphere”.

So there you have it. My open on two pizza places. Yes you have to like crowds to go to either one, and it helps to enjoy it if you have kids of some age (even in their 30’s and 40’s). We will return to Chuck E. Cheese if we are invited as a guest to a birthday party, but otherwise when my kids want a pizza adventure we will be going to IPC as we call it. To us that is truly Family Fun!

P.S. These two companies have no idea I exist and wrote this for two reasons: 1.To remind myself that I don’t like Chuck E. Cheese. and 2. To help anyone who might one day have the option.

2 thoughts on “Incredible Pizza vs. Chuck E Cheese – My own opinion

  1. I just came across this looking for reviews on Incredible Pizza. I have to say it – why do you want to regularly take your kids to a place that will stuff them with junk food and then “wear them out”? Why don’t you have meals at home and “wear them out” by playing with them? It doesn’t have to be anything fancy – sandwiches or a take and bake pizza followed by tag football in the back yard. It would give you more quality time with your kids than driving them an hour to eat junk and would certainly cost a lot less! Places like this are for special occasions like birthdays not to eat every day.

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