Photo A day 7: Fear

I’m afraid of so many things that I don’t have any idea what to take a picture of. Sure there are the usual things like everyone in my family dying in a horrible car accident and my house catching fire…but then there are the unusual like someone knocking on the door while I’m in the restroom. There are the parental fears about my kids missing out on things and the wifely fears about royally screwing up on accident. I don’t really like snakes but even that fear is going away since one lives in our science lab and I have to be strong for my students when it gets taken out of the cage.

There’s the fear of missing out on something because I’m doing something else.

The hubster wanted me to take a picture of the way I play a game under the covers when we go into a scary dungeon but since we haven’t play a game in years I didn’t want to do that one.

Then there is the fear that if I speak it out loud it will actually come true, and then I would feel guilty for the rest of my life.

Maybe I need to just say I live my life in fear, and my fear is of living. Wow that’s kinda deep…didn’t really plan to go there with this photo challenge.

So after searching through my photo roll I came up with an old picture.

Danielle hiding...because I guess if I'm honest that's what fear makes me do.
Danielle hiding…because I guess if I’m honest that’s what fear makes me do.

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