Sunday Shorts

Well it’s another week. Just one more and it will be spring break so I know there will be tons of teachers counting down the minutes till friday afternoon!! Here are you’re sunday shorts!

1. The girls are playing “Cinderella” and Veronica tells Danielle that Belle has to dress nice even when just staying around the house because she’s a princess and that’s what princesses do! It’s great because they are letting Jillian play too!

2. I did a happy dance on Friday in front of the students because on our recent Mock test for Science I had the highest scores!!! Made me a very proud teacher! 🙂

3. On Saturday my mom and I took the girls down to do Danielle’s 5 year pictures. The pictures turned out amazing and I’m grateful that my mom has started this tradition with the girls. Every 5 years they get a picture just themselves. It’s neat to watch them grow.

4. Speaking of growing…this morning I was in my bedroom with Jillian when I noticed she needed a diaper change. I told her to go get me a diaper and I would change her. To my surprise she walked out of the room and returned with just one diaper. I”m telling you guys this one is the smartest of the three!!

5. Danielle has been doing a lot of math lately. She’s always telling us how to add and subtract things. It’s so amazing how much she wants to learn.

6. Saturday while we were in Conroe we went to the girls’ favorite park and they had a new play set. Coolest park ever!

Veronica climbing through the trees!
Veronica climbing through the trees!

7. I’m having fun with this Photo a day challenge. Of course it’s only day 3 ( don’t worry picture to come). It’s causing me to look at things in a while new way. I have discovered that this website does one every month, so there might be more…but not one a month.

8. This morning we are hanging out at home waiting for Daddy to come home. We have a few chores but we are really just going to be getting ready for next week. It looks to be a great one from where I’m sitting. 🙂

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