The Love of my life

This is a post, for the love of my life, Sarah.

At about this time, she will be getting off work, and looking at her phone for signs of her husband…. me 🙂  


Never has there been someone as fantastic as my wife.  She loves our kids with all her heart and soul.  She tolerates me!  She also loves me when she isn’t busy rolling her eyes at my crazy, or chasing me around the house for singing about hairbrushes.  My lovely wife gives her heart and soul into everything she does, every second, of every day.

If you know her in person, don’t forget to remind her how awesome she is, and if you are just subscribed to this blog, you can still tell her in the comments below 🙂  Yes dear, I hijacked your blog.  Yes, you will still love me after you get over the shock of how awesome this is 🙂


To my Sarah,

I love you.  You are the most fantastic person, and I am thrilled you allow me to spend my life with you.  You are what makes it worth getting up every morning.  You are why I come home every evening (and no, not just because you call nagging me about what time it is!).  Your smile glows like sunshine.  Your love for myself and our children is deep and passionate.  Had I begged God himself for what i thought I wanted in a wife, it would have never come close to as perfect as you are for me.  Never forget how amazing you are, and how much I love you… every second of every day.


Your loving husband,



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