It’s Tax season!

Somewhere in the last 6 years I started something with my Veronica. I called it the Open Tax. She would ask me to open a bag of candy for her, or a drink and I would take a few off the top. I didn’t really start it for any reason but to be funny. Once the hubster started using it I knew it was around for awhile.

Then something magical started happening…Veronica didn’t want to pay taxes any more so she started trying to figure out how to do it for herself. Danielle was born and she was exempt from taxes until she was about 2 1/2. I figure there are child labor laws and such so I can’t tax them too early. Once we started taxing Danielle, Veronica started laughing because she wasn’t the only one paying taxes. Sometimes Danielle would go to Veronica to open things, but Veronica charges more taxes then we do. Danielle has started to figure out how to open things on her own too. Sometimes she’ll hand it to me and say “I don’t mind paying taxes”. Everyone once in awhile they will want something gross opened and I tell them it’s tax free weekend.

There were a lot of lessons to be learned in my little joke. Lessons like if you need someone else’s help expect to pay them back in some way. There were also lessons for mommy as I learned this weekend. I was with Veronica trying to get into my school. I had my hands full and asked her to hold my drink while I fumbled with the keys. She took a few sips and I told her to stop. She just looked at me with a big grin on her face and said “holding tax!”

I guess I deserved that one, but I can’t complain too loud because she learned from the best. 🙂

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