And just like that my baby isn’t a baby anymore. :(

When we returned back from Christmas vacation I put Jillian in a different daycare. She’s in the same one as her big sister Danielle, but a different building. Now I have to say that her other daycare was wonderful..they loved her like no other baby. They gave her everything she needed and would have bought a cow if it was what would keep her smiling. I actually cried when I told them that she wasn’t going to be coming back. However the husband and I felt it was time for her to move up, time for her to be challenged (only as much as a 14 month old needs to be of course).

The first few days were hard for her and she’s still adjusting to a harder day. She has been going to sleep at 5:30 every night because she’s so tired. She has a routine, and is learning more. She has to clean up after herself every time she plays and she even gets outside time. Her words have exploded and she talks so much more. She will not eat her dinner until she has a fork in her hand, she might not always eat with it but she will at least hold it. She cleans up her plate. She wipes her own nose and hands after she eats. She helps with chores, she throws things away and puts them in the sink.

In the last month I have seen her blossom. She’s growing into a little lady. She works hard all the time and we are seeing vast improvements every day.

She's even sitting at the table now.
She’s even sitting at the table now.

I know there is always an argument that about daycare vs. stay at home mom’s and here is my opinion on it:

When I was home on maternity leave with Jillian I enjoyed it. I enjoyed being home and watching Veronica get off the school bus and come running inside. I enjoyed being caught up on laundry and housework. I also enjoyed the idea that soon I would be going back to work. The hubster and I have been very lucky with good day cares and amazing teachers. Our children have thrived in their schools. For our family it’s what works best. I have a cousin that has stayed home with all 4 of her kids and I am in awe of the job she does, but I know that I’m a better mom because my girls go to day care. I make sure we have quality time. We have our stay at home times during the summer and sometimes those days test me more then they should.

So if you are a Stay at home mom I applaud you and admire you. I am very proud of the way my girls are growing up in the day care system and how much it is helping my family.

Please share your opinion

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