Why I love being a teacher!!

All of these conversations really did happen in my classroom, I just changed the name because well I like my job. 🙂 ”

Teacher: “Ok now that we have done that, turn your paper over for the next step”

Whole class: “oh man..that’s too much work”

Teacher: “Buttt”

Fred: “I like butts!”


This week we started astronomy! today to work I wore my moon shirt (meaning it has the full moon on it), one of my students looked at me and said “Did you wear that because of what we are studying?”

I said Yep and then she went on to call me a science nerd. 🙂


One kid said “When I grow up I want to move to Houston so I can get robbed”

I told him at least he had goals and then explained that he might think about some better ones.



Kid: “Did you know that our blood cells are really blue but when oxygen hits them they turn red?”

Me: “Please just for me will you say “did you know that the human head weighs 3 pounds?”

Looks at me funny then says

“Did you know that the human head weighs 3 pounds?”

I could not stop laughing!!


I have a kid standing at the door and I ask him why he’s standing there so he tells me it’s because he’s checking the door for strangers. So he tells me that the password for the classroom door is “hotdog”

Me: “Who is coming into our room that needs a password?”

Him: “Student just went to the bathroom:

Me: “Ok well if you know that why does he need a password?”

Him: “Because you never know when someone might have been abducted by aliens and the only way we will know it’s them and not a being from another planet is if they say hotdog when they come in the door”


And those folks is just a normal week in room 519! 🙂

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