Excuses are like…….

I’ll let you finish that one. Frankly there is no excuse but that life got in the way. 🙂

This weekend we decided not to clean the house, but instead to just focus on laundry. We worked! It was a lot of the laundry left over from the vacation the hubster and I took as well the packing we had to do for the girls while we were gone. We also focused on each other and played Wii U game after Wii U game with the girls. It ended up being nothing but a Wii U marathon between loads of clothes and EVERYONE loved it!

My days have also been spent running around with my kids, and work, and house, and physical therapy. Yep after a year and a half of pain I finally decided to go to a doctor. No surgery needed, just some stretches, these special inserts made for my feet, and a pair of shoes made for my feet and my job! One week later and I’m already feeling a lot better. Still some pain on rough days, but nothing like it use to be.

Next week I get to start teaching Astronomy and you guys know how that’s my most favorite thing in the Universe!! 🙂

So now that we have caught up a bit and I’ve gotten into a routine with this physical therapy stuff we can go back to our regular blogging.

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