LOL Monday…Because we need something to smile about on a monday and no day of the week starts with “L”.

Ok I know I have talked about thebloggess and how she makes me laugh. I think she could make anyone laugh and frankly I feel if she doesn’t make you laugh then you have no soul.

Her book changed my life and let me know that I was in fact sort of normal. Well as you guys know I’m not one to Laugh Out Loud a lot. Sure I think things are funny but I don’t “deep belly laugh” very often.

That is until last night, when I went to thebloggess blog.

So wrote this most awesome post. It’s called Astronomy classes ruined my sense of romance. I would love nothing more then to just copy and past the whole post here but I didn’t write it and I don’t have those kinds of rights. Also I can’t figure out how to teach science from jail…oh maybe with skype they do want us to go techno in our classrooms.

So if you need a good laugh, or LOVE astronomy jokes like I do then you need to click on this link. I promise it will at least make you smile, unless of course you still believe that shooting stars are actually stars sent from the heavens to make your wishes come true.

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