Sunday Shorts

1. Is it really time to go back to school already?

2. I’m glad that the hubster and I came home early to surprise the girls. I missed my little princesses.

3. When we were in Arkansas we took the HBO series Game of Thrones with us. I had bought the book series for the hubster but he could never get into it, my mom however tore it up she loved it so much. So I knew the story was good and I thought maybe getting into it this way would be better. One you get past all the blood and the boobies it really is a good story. We are excited to get the second season in February. I think hubster will start reading it, but will start with book 2. 🙂

4. I have some very smart daughters! We sat down Wednesday night to watch a movie on Netflix. The girls picked Avatar the Last Airbender, you know the one that was really messed up? 23 minutes into the movie they both looked at me and said “this movie is making me mad let’s watch something else!”. I’m glad my girls are so smart.

5. Danielle has become our official Mail Checker in the afternoons when we get home. We recently got a letter from one of the community Churches and me being the smartie that I am I said “Oh someone’s telling us how to find Jesus” Danielle replies with “I know where he is mommy, he’s in Heaven”. She makes me smile.

6. Danielle has also realized that it’s after Christmas and that means her birthday is next! So far today alone she has asked me 5 times how many days till her birthday. It’s going to be a long month and 1/2. On a good note about birthdays….I already have it all planned, but then I think you already knew that.

7. Speaking of planning, I’m putting together this great party for December 7, 2013! I can’t wait!!

8. Don’t worry there are lots of things planned between now and the December 7th party already too, I’m just really excited about the December one.

9. Now you know that post #8 was just to get us to an even 10.

10. Have an awesome week interwebz! Here’s the first of 52 Sunday Shorts in 2013!

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