Heaven in the Hills

During our recent trip to Arkansas the hubster and I wanted to try a hole in the wall restaurant. So from the recommendation of our cabin owner we ventured to the Oark General Store, the oldest building in the entire state of Arkansas. It’s a General Store/resturant that has been in business non stop since before the civil war!

The sign telling us we were in the right place
The sign telling us we were in the right place

We walked in expecting to see one or two older timers sitting in the corner but instead were greeted with a packed restaurant where we had to look hard to find a table. We found one off in the corner next to the stocked grocery shelves and as we later found farthest away from the wood burning stove heating the restaurant. We grabbed menus and started looking at all the many different things they offered.

Yes folks you are reading that right...you can get a basket of chicken livers and fries.
Yes folks you are reading that right…you can get a basket of chicken livers and fries.

We went the safe route and got burgers and I had to say they were amazing. The waitresses were a little overwhelmed as it was very obvious they weren’t use to that big of a crowd but we didn’t care. We are just tickled pink about the place we were in. It felt like we had stepped back in time when we walked through that screen door.

We were actually so patient that after everyone left and we were still sitting there enjoying our sweet tea they came up to us and said that we were the best customers they had all day so they offered us free pie. 🙂 We explained that the reason we were so friendly was because we were from Texas.

The next morning when we woke up the hubster looked at me and asked me what time they stopped serving breakfast. We had one hour to get ready and get there. The staff cheered at us when we walked in and we explained that we needed to make sure their breakfast was as good as their dinner. No doubt about it…it was just as wonderful.


** The actual website for the Oark General Store is under construction so I linked another article about the awesomeness that is their restaurant. They do have a facebook page though. 🙂

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