Wordfull Wednesday

Ok Ok I know you guys expected a picture here…but frankly I’ve been busy. So I’ll give you one of those embarrassing parent stories. Warning this blog post contains the word sex in it…a lot!

Veronica asks lots of questions, we are talking LOTS of questions. As she gets older (higher up in public school) the questions become more of a questionable nature. Don’t get me wrong I’m glad she feels she can come to me with questions about adult things and sometimes I say “ok watered down version for now, I’ll give you more in a few years” and she’s actually ok with that. So she knows the basic idea of sex and how it is all supposed to work and how it makes a baby. She doesn’t know all the details and at this point she doesn’t need to know. She knows the word so when she hears it at school she knows it’s something that someone isn’t supposed to be talking about. So the other day while riding alone in the car our conversation went something like this:

Veronica: “Mommy do you just have to have sex once to get as many kids as you want?”

Me: “You mean like just one time and you can have 3 kids of different ages, we aren’t talking twins here are we?”

Veronica:”Right, like you and daddy have 3 girls, ages 8, 4 and 1 but you only had sex once”

Me: “Now sweetie you have to have sex each time you want a baby and there is no guarantee you will get pregnant that time. But remember when you start thinking about it there is always a chance to get pregnant”.

Veronica: “Oh I get it mommy, so you and daddy only had sex 3 times!”

Me: “Yep!”

Cue huge smile from Mommy! One day she will wish she still believed this!

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