Sunday Shorts

We cleaned house all weekend and are ready to put up Christmas! Going to pull it out this week and then this weekend we kick off the Christmas in our house. I’m excited.

1. On Friday Danielle asked me if I knew what a verb way. She said because she did, and then told me it was an action word. I’m always amazed by her. Really kind of makes me wish we could afford to keep her in the Montessori school.

2. So if Netfix is going to have a “just for kids” and a regular option why are all my “top picks for Sarah” kid shows? I guess that just means my kids use it more then I do.

3. I think this weekend Jillian has finally decided that it’s better to walk then to crawl. She hasn’t crawled at all this weekend. She did do the knee walk a few times..but otherwise it was walking.

4. It was 83 degrees outside today…that’s too hot for December. I really want to visit up North one year during the winter.

5. Have you seen the commercial for this? New Fantasyland Expansion at Walt Disney World, makes me sort of happy I haven’t been yet with the girls, they are going to love this place. 🙂

6. We got the e-mail from our Cabin owner with directions and what not for our stay in December. I’m so excited!

This is making me laugh so much right now.
This is making me laugh so much right now.

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